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A Microbiologist and Food Safety Specialist – Quality position is available at International Breweries Plc Ilesha, reporting to the Quality Assurance Manager. The Microbiologist and Food Safety Specialist will be in charge of ensuring compliance with microbiological processes, food safety standards, and product specifications by overseeing the brewery’s food safety standards and requirements, as well as identifying, designing, and enforcing the best microbiological standards and work practices for the entire brewery.

responsibilities and roles

Among other responsibilities, the position holder would be responsible for:
– Ensure that the brewery’s quality control and food safety governance are in good working order.
Standards have been developed and are widely recognized.
The training is carried out according to the methods defined.
Verification of process execution to ensure compliance with the requirements
Ensure that all equipment has been calibrated and is running according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Any anomalies should be reported to the Brewing Manager, Packaging Manager, and Plant Manager for investigation and, if possible, process halt.
Controlling the Environment’s Quality
QC administration should be handled following the value chain’s requirements.
Make sure that you have to measure instruments on hand at all times.
Keep track of how much consumable stock you have on hand.
Improve the quality control management system.

Boost your team’s efficiency
There is a lead consistency solution, according to VPO.
Manage relationships with external suppliers (cleaning contractors) and internal stakeholders (brewing, manufacturing, engineering, and so on) in the implementation and enhancement of hygiene standards and work practices to prevent microbiological contamination within the brewery.
Problem-solving and decision-making methods and procedures, as well as team problem-solving approaches and practices, can all be included. As an example, lead the Hygiene Steering Committee in reviewing and assessing hygiene practices and determining resolution strategies, which involves team leaders and department heads.
Apply a holistic understanding of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) practices important to brewing and packaging processes to prevent microbiological infections.
Revise and develop best working practice practices and procedures within the brewery to improve microbiological compliance.
Microbiological labs were audited to ensure that hub and global microbiological methods and frequency were followed.
Provide leadership and professional skills to refine microbiological work practices by problem-solving.

Characteristics and Skills Needed
Analytical and assertive are two words that come to mind when I think about you.
Leadership capacity has been shown.
The processes, methods, and assessments for food safety and micro laboratory testing are well-understood.
The HACCP, GMP, and CIP standards are all well-known.
Know about computer The manufacturing methods and philosophies of InBev are well-known.
Proven ability to bring together and encourage a diverse group of people, experts, and functions.
Verbal and written communication abilities
Examining skills Information systems of understanding
Critical thinking capacity
Problem-solving ability When you’re working as a squad, it’s easier to get things done.

Additional information

The commercial specifies the minimum requirements. Additional/relevant data can be used as a shortlisting criterion at the discretion of management.

International Breweries PLC is committed to fostering gender equality and is an equal opportunity employer.

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