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JOIN US IN OUR SUCCESS! Perkins®, which was established in 1958, now has 324 locations in 32 states and four Canadian provinces. There are 90 company-owned and operated Perkins restaurants and 234 franchised Perkins restaurants in the Perkins scheme. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery has stayed true to its goal of providing guests with personalized service and tasty, homestyle food at an affordable price throughout its existence. Perkins has built a reputation for providing 100 percent customer satisfaction on any visit. You’ve come to the right place if you want to work and develop with a business that has a proven track record of success, an unmatched dedication to its workers, and the best employees in the industry. As a Cook, the responsibilities will include preparing menu items following company policies, practices, plans, and performance expectations. In addition, as directed by the Kitchen Manager or Manager on Duty, you will perform all duties to optimize guest satisfaction and a quality work environment. Responsibilities:.     Reports to work well-groomed, wearing a clean and proper uniform, and maintaining good personal hygiene at all times.
.     Both kitchen line appliances, as well as preparation and storage areas, are used, maintained, and cleaned.
.     On the cooking line, stocks and rotates items.
.     Has a thorough understanding of cooking stations, menu products, and prep procedures to ensure proper portioning, consistency, cooking time, and performance standards.
.     Cooks and prepares menu items following guest requests, while adhering to company guidelines and food safety and sanitation procedures.
.     Monitors and supervises food temperatures during hot and cold handling to reduce the occurrence of foodborne illness-causing risk factors.
.     To achieve full guest satisfaction anticipates, detects, and corrects device breakdowns.
.     Communicates with the Duty Manager and coworkers about product/service defects, facilities, and safety issues, among other things.

.     In-house training is provided for basic skills such as sanitation, protection, and customer service.
.     The ability to communicate clearly is needed.
Physical Requirements / Working Conditions / Environment:
.     A high degree of mobility and versatility is required.
.     During peak periods, you must be able to work odd hours under high stress and pressure.
.     A high degree of coordination is needed.
.     Lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds for distances of up to 30 feet is needed.
.     It must be able to pass through a 30” wide opening.
.     Requires a lot of bending, reaching, pushing, and pulling.
.     Heat, steam, smoke, cold, and odor exposure
.     Constant standing and walking are needed.
Advantages & Perks:
.     Health Advantages
.     Salary is competitive
.     Adaptable schedule

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