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Description of the Position
On their first day, recruits who show evidence of their Covid-19 vaccination receive a $100 bonus.

Member of the Warehouse Team in the Evenings and at Night

New hourly pay rate! Up to $16.50* in addition to $1,000* *Sign-on bonus if you work before June 20, 2021, *Effective hourly wage starting date of 5/16 for select positions * Limited-time Opportunity

**Additional Terms:

–  Bonuses are only available for some types of jobs and moves. There may be additional terms and conditions.
–  Associates must be working at the time of payment.
–  The payout will be split into two parts, with $500 due after 30 days and $500 due after 90 days.

If you are willingly or involuntarily relocated from this transfer, location, or start date at any point during the process, you will no longer be eligible for the relevant pay scale, sign-on bonus, or reward.

Evening and Night Shifts

Fort Worth is the location.

Job openings differ depending on where you live. We post open positions regularly.

There are immediate openings available.

Amazon continues to operate as a vital company in our neighborhoods, delivering crucial goods directly to the homes of those that need them. On our COVID-19 FAQ page, you can learn more about what Amazon is doing right now to keep employees safe.

You’re on the way to being a valuable member of the team that prepares orders for customers. In this fast-paced warehouse setting, stay busy during the day. You’ll be on the move for the duration of your transfer.
Take a look at what some of our workers have to say about working for us:

For safety reasons, candidates must be at least 18 years old and able to read and speak English.

Responsibilities and Roles:
You’ll be a member of the team that prepares Amazon orders for customers. Some of your responsibilities may include:

–  Receiving and storing inventory
–  Prepare customer orders and pack them.
–  Load boxes into trucks for transportation.
–  Work near machines that move, such as order pickers, forklifts, mobile carts, and probably robots!
–  Exchange safety tips with coworkers regularly.
–  Check bar codes on goods with scanners.
–  For certain activities, display prompts on screens and follow instructions.
specific details of the shift
Amazon warehouses have a range of change and schedule choices, including full-time positions (40 hours). The availability of schedules and shifts varies by location.

More on what it’s like inside the warehouse can be found here:
–  We are concerned about your safety.
–  We’ll provide you with safety equipment, such as a face mask and a safety belt to wear.
–  Temperature tests are being carried out at various locations throughout the United States. Anyone with a temperature higher than the CDC’s recommended 100.4F will be asked to go home and return to work after three days without a fever.
–  Associates are required to adhere to social distancing rules, engage in regular stretching activities, and share safety tips with coworkers.
–  You’ll be working with stand-up forklifts, turret vans, order pickers, and mobile carts, among other moving devices.
–  You’ll be on the move for the duration of your transfer. Your changes can include tasks that enable you to stand for long periods of time, walk around, or climb stairs. You should wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.–  Even with climate control, temperatures in certain areas of our warehouses will range from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. On hot days, temperatures in the truck yard and inside trailers can reach 90°F.
–  It can get very loud. If you need a hearing aid, we will provide it.
–  The dress code is casual, with a few safety guidelines to follow.

You must also be capable of:
–  lifting to 49 pounds.
–  During long shifts, stand, move, drive, pull, squat, bend, and reach.
–  To carry things around, use carts, dollies, hand trucks, and other equipment.
–  You can get qualified to use powered industrial vehicles if you want to and there is a need for it.
–  Stairs up and down (for sites with stairs)
–  On a mezzanine, work at a height of up to 40 feet (for some sites)

–  Paid vacation
–  Health-care advantages
–  Discounts for employees
–  401(k) retirement account
–  Possibilities for holiday pay
–  Life insurance at the most basic
–  Skills acquisition and on-the-job preparation
–  Program to Assist Employees
–  reimbursement for tuition
More information can be found here:

What comes next?
Here’s where you can learn more about our recruiting process:

Amazon is recruiting in your region for the following positions:
Fulfillment Centers – Pick, bag, and ship customer orders within an Amazon warehouse. Come help bring orders to life if you enjoy a fast-paced, physically demanding job that gets you up and going. Maintain a regular, full-time schedule. Overnight and day shifts are available, as well as at least one weekend day.

Amazon’s delivery stations are the last stop until an order is sent out for delivery to the customer’s door. You sort packages into distribution routes in this active role. Shift times will vary to ensure that we achieve customer-promised delivery times. You’ll work a fixed schedule of hours that vary from full-time to part-time, depending on your venue.

fundamental qualification
High school diplomas, GED, or comparable diplomas are the minimum requirements.

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